Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slowly drowning by paper...

Ever feel like you are going no where fast? Never catch up? Finish one thing but then you realize you have 50 million other things to finish before you even begin to relax? That is how I am feeling!!! It is no fun. I think if I were to stack all the papers up that I need to grade the pile would probably be as tall as the Statue of Liberty. I am swamped...I am doggy paddling but about to drown by paper. We would grade the papers in class but then we run short on time with the lesson, and we are already throwing information at them and us math teachers are just hoping they have a big glove to catch it all. Everyday we learn a new lesson and if you didn't understand it, tough luck because we have to go on to the next lesson or we will be behind and not cover everything needed for the stupid TAKS test. OUR reputation rides on that one stupid test and if our kids's OUR fault.

This is how a typical day in my class goes...I stand outside my door with a try to be friendly looking face and greet the kids and hand them a warm-up that they complain about the whole time and I try to give them about 5 minutes to do it, but they complain about it the whole time they don't finish it but I have to go over it and not give them more time because we really need to start covering fractions, percents, and decimals...because they will never get it and I need as much time as possible. So most of the students might have 1 out of the 3 done and normally it's the easiest, shortest one. We started putting questions on there that make them explain things...we can just throw that out the door because they just wait for me to do it and answer it. Then I tell them to put that aside. I pass out a worksheet, explain the key point, do a few examples, and then tell them to do the rest. HA! Yeah right!!! Then I here "I need help" "I don't get this" "I'm not doing it" "What does this mean?" By time I try to explain it again, the bell rings and off they RUN out to the next class while I am yelling that they have to finish it for homework...which they don't finish but it's their grade...not mine.

We have no time for anything anymore and I am so behind on grading. We don't have time to grade in class because that takes 5 minutes but we can't afford to lose 5 minutes.

Anyways...I am just so glad today is Friday and I can come home and somewhat rest. I am so beat and I just need to rest...I wanted to do something fun tonight but I really need to just stay home and relax because from here on out for a while I will be going non-stop. Tomorrow I can sleep in till whenever I want to. Thomas better be ready to sleep late, which he never does or he better not wake me up. :) Then we have Jolyn's wedding Saturday and we are getting a hotel room up there so we won't have to worry about driving back Saturday night. I am excited about this weekend and ready for some rest.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The best Valentine's Day EVER!!! Great time on 6th Street!!!

So I havent blogged in a while. I have just been so busy with school and just pushing information on students that I have no time to sit at my desk and relax. It is VERY hectic at school...I dread it more and more everyday.

So Valentine's Day was awesome. That Friday night Thomas and I went to Kobe Steakhouse and it was DELICIOUS. I love that place! Saturday we woke up early to head to Shiner to drop Kenzi off at Mom and Dad's and then we headed to Lake Charles. We ate at Golden Corral in Beaumont. We got to our hotel in Lake Charles and kind of relaxed for a little bit and then headed to the casinos. It was really fun. I was on the hunt for Jackpot a great penny slot machine and it is soooo much fun to play. Well there were a lot of people so I had to wait around a while and play some other crappy games and lost money real fast on them. Thomas found a video poker game and he was really good at it. He won $200!!! Then he came and sat next to me and won on a Jackpot Party machine that I was waiting to play. I was mad...not really but I kept teasing him that I was. I lost about $80 :( but that's not too bad and it was still fun and it last a long time. We did that for about 4 hours and went to eat at as buffet in a casino which had great seafood. Then it was Sunday and it was time to leave. We had so much fun and it was nice to spend all that time together.

Last week the math department found out we have to meet with the Region 13 lady because supposedly we are doing everything wrong in our classrooms. GREAT!!! Not only is the athletics negative but so is the teaching...I have not been a very positive person lately because work is so crappy right now. There is one thing I do want to say...Administrators expect teachers to be positive for the students, we should always be the happiest people so then our students will be positive. BUT shouldn't the administrators follow was they say...if they want our teachers to be positive then the administrators should be positive to make us's a pyramid and everything effects everyone so if any school wants students and teachers to be positive, then the school admin. need to be positive first and I wish that would happen here.

This past weekend was awesome. It was SOOOOO great to see April and Jolyn and catch up. Friday I did absolutely nothing. I shopped around but then relaxed and cleaned. Thomas was gone because he had C.A.S.T. in Rockport and I waqs so lonely. Saturday I slept in till 8:30...I was so mad because I wanted to sleep later but I couldn't for some reason. I got up and got ready and met April and Kim at River Pub for lunch. It was good. Then we shopped at the outlet mall and I headed home to get ready for the party. I was ready at 8:30 and April and Kim came to pick me up. We got to Austin and got to our hotel room...we went to our first one and the beds weren't even made so we complained to the front office and got our room changed and we met Jolyn with her aunts, mom, and grandma. Yes, her grandma came and partied it up on 6th street...she was popular and great to hang with. We went to Z Tejas and it was yummy and then went to SOHO Lounge and had a great time. We did these little tasks and did it as a competition and it was really fun. We had a great time. I think people around us did too. Jolyn's grandma took shots, danced to rap songs, and guys were around her the whole time. It was soooo funny. Then Sunday we all just hungout and relaxed.

I was so happy to see Thomas Sunday...I missed him so much. I can't wait till this weekend because Jolyn is getting MARRIED and I get to see my girls again!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yay for flowers!!!

So Thomas did keep a surprise from me after all. He lied yesterday and said that he couldn't get flowers sent because it was too late and low and behold at 10:00 today a dozen BEAUTIFUL cream roses with reddish/pink tips were delivered to me. He had me going all day and was apologizing that he didn't get me any flowers which I didn't mind but I thought it would be nice. But he definately surprised me...they are so beautiful. All the teachers were saying how you can still tell we are dating because once you get married all that stops but hopefully not. I love surprising Thomas and I don't see me stopping and I don't think he will either. I can't wait till Saturday!

Last night Thomas and I got invited by friends to go to the San Antonio Rodeo and listen to some Texas country was great but we didn't get to sleep till like 12:30 and I am tired! So tonight we are just going to lay around and be lazy because tomorrow we have to wake up early and head to Lake Charles.

Today is Friday the 13th and so far it has turned out to be a pretty awesome day...did you realize that we have 2 Friday the 13ths this year? We have one next month too...crazy but I am not supersticious so it doesn't really bother me but I thought it was interesting. Anyways...that's it for now.

1 more day till Valentines' Day :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Found out...

So Thomas is horrible about keeping surprises and as we were eating dinner last night we were talking about this weekend and he told me to ask my mom and dad if they could keep Kenzi. I then knew that we were going somewhere and staying there over night. Then he said that we will leave early for Louisiana Saturday morning. AWESOME!!! I told him he shouldn't have told me so he could surprise me but he said he does it on purpose so when I am thinking something one day it is going to totally throw me off guard. I was totally confused but I am super excited. He said we are going to Lake Charles. I CANNOT wait!!! I was always the one to plan things and now it is soooo wonderful to have someone that plans things...and exciting fun things at that. I can only imagine when he proposes to me. He talks about it a lot and how he has it all planned out and how surprised I am going to be. I cannot wait for that day!!!

Today Thomas and I have been texting like we do everyday when we are away but we were talking about how much we miss each other and how we both hate being at work because we would rather be at home with each other. He said the same thing I was thinking, it feels that since we moved it, that it seems like we see each other less because everything is rush, rush, rush, and there is no us time. Hopefully this weekend since I have nothing going on, and since it is Valentines' Day we will be able to put that feeling to rest. I do hate going to work and leaving him...I always miss him so much at work and I can't wait to get home and be with him. I cannot wait to we are moved permanently and settled...and one day married so we can spend the rest of our lives together.

2 more days till Valentines' Day :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CANNOT get out of here soon enough!!!

You ever have one of those days where you know you shouldn't be around people because you are in a bad mood or just really have a bad attitude towards your job and if people are around you, more than likely you will bring them down? Well...I am definately having one or maybe more of those days. I won't say too much on here but let's just say more drama in my school district. I hope I find another job because I can't see myself being here again next year. I don't want to get myself in trouble by posting stuff about how I really feel about this place. It is to the point to where nothing will surprise me anymore at this could tell me the craziest story about here and I would just probably shrug it off like nothing because I wouldn't be surprised. This school is going no where fast that's for sure. It has made 2 of the BEST coaches quit and just non-renewed another one. There have been comments made to me about other coaches because these people did not know I am friends with the coaches and I just find everything happening very unprofessional, unethical, biased, and unfair. I am so tired of it and pretty fed up that if people confront me, I am letting them know how I feel. People are seeing it in my face of how tired I am of this. Yesterday and today I have just felt like I should not be here because I am going to make other people have bad attitudes and put other people in bad moods and I try not to be that person but when everything at work is negative, you just can't help it. So I am just having one of those days or multiple days where I am probably not a joy to be around...until I get home and get away from it. I hope I find a new job next year because I cannot see myself stuck here again for another year.

Other than that, yay for hump day...I can't wait for Friday! Oh, Jenny and Nick got a basset hound puppy and she is so cute. I had to go get her yesterday because the band director from our school was giving them away. Nick and Jenny gave him $50 for the shots and stuff but that is such a good deal and she is just adorable. I am like Jenny's dog person because when she was first thinking about getting Sophie I was the first person to see her. The same that happened this time. It's kinda stressful because I think all puppies are cute and dogs are something that you really need to see and pick yourself. So far I think I did a good job though :)

3 days till Valentine's Day...which means 3 days till I find out what my surprise is that Thomas is giving or doing. I cannot wait! I hope he likes his gift from me :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Going 3 weeks straight...

So I have had powerlifting meets for 2 Saturdays in a row and I feel like I have not had a weekend or break for about 3 weeks now. I am going and going with no stopping in sight and it is catching up with me. I am so behind in grading papers for school, I want to get our apartment straight, and I need to get stuff for Valentine's Day. I am stressing out big time! I keep getting more and more behind on grading papers but I need to sit down and grade a few stacks each night but by time I get home I am sooo tired and the last thing I want to do is think about school after I just left it...but I HAVE to start soon. This weekend is Valentine's day and I am so excited...Thomas has a suprise and he won't tell me what it is but I am sooo excited! This is his first Valentine's Day where he is getting I want to get him something good and I am trying to think of something. I have a few ideas in mind so we will see.

This past weekend was pretty good. It felt like forever since I have been home and it was nice to see my parents and Jaace, Jenny, and Jamie...oh and Nick was down too. :) I didn't stay up too long Friday since I had to wake up early Saturday for the powerlifting meet. Saturday I was at the powerlifting meet till around 4:00. During the meet I had a throbbing headache and so when I got home I went and took a nap. When I got up I still didn't feel that great but I went out to Welhausen's and hung out and ate bar-b-q. Then Thomas and I went home because I still wasn't feeling well and we went to sleep at 9:00. Sunday we just laid around and relaxed and then headed to San Marcos. It was a nice weekend minus the powerlifting because I really need to relax. I hope this weekend will be nice because I don't have a powerlifting meet and it's Valentine's Day so I get to be with Thomas all weekend. I love him so much. This month we will be dating for 10 months and talking for 11 months. Thank God for Jenny and Nick getting married so Thomas and I could reunite. LOL...we have not gone by one day without talking to each other since March 28, 2008. My life got a whole lot better that day :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Good Company...

So this weekend was so much fun...minus that I had a powerlifting meet and had to be in Gonzales at 5:45 a.m. Saturday and didn't get home till around 5:00. Thomas's best friend Chris came down on Friday and stayed till Saturday and we all had so much fun. He is such a funny guy and it is never a dull moment when he is around. Friday we went to Grin's and then I had to come back home and sleep. Thomas and Chris went to Sean Patrick's on the Square and then I believe they came back to the apartment and played the Wii because I heard them talking and yelling and stuff. But I was so tired I didn't hear them long and went right back to sleep. So then Saturday I was at the meet and when I got home I wanted to take a nap so bad but I just ended up laying around in bed till about 6:30 because then I had to start getting ready for a night out in Austin. We all loaded up and headed to Trudy's and met up with Erin, Allison, Elena, and Allison's friend. It was Thomas, me, Chris, Ferren, and Stephanie that came and met up with them. We had a great time at Trudy's...I got 2 Mexican Martini's and those never disappoint. I was feeling pretty good when we left Trudy's. Then we went to Midnight Rodeo where I continued drinking and had I think 10 Crown and Cokes. We all had a great time...or at least I know me, Erin, and Elena did because we danced the whole time. Erin and Elena ended up coming to San Marcos that night and then the next morning I woke up at 8:00 and woke everyone else and we went to IHOP. I felt pretty good for how much I drank. It was so much fun though. Those are all the happenings from this was pretty exciting.

Today is Mom's birthday...Happy Birthday MOM!!!