Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Last night Thomas was over and we were all in the poolhouse while mom and dad made french fries and burgers. Thomas and Dad had a few drinks and I went to take a shower and mom was going to bed too. I was still in the shower when Thomas and Dad came in the house so they didn't stay out and drink too much. I went downstairs after my shower to give my parents a kiss goodnight and when I went to my dad, he said "Where is Thomas, is he going to give us a goodnight kiss too?" We just laughed...I told Thomas he should have gone down there and scared them but he didn't. It was so funny and it would have been hilarious if Thomas would have gone down there. Dad is so funny and I think they really like Thomas, which is so nice. Tonight we will have a pre-Thanksgiving party at the poolhouse...leave it to us Chumchal's to have a pre-party because we always do that when there is something going on. We always have to do a test run to see how the next night turns out...and it always is good. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone...if anyone reads this...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From Hangovers to Migraines...

So the weekend was awesome minus a few kinks!

Friday when I got to Austin, we did not get to watch Love Actually because Thomas and his friend wanted to go to Midnight Rodeo and listen to Cory Morrow. I was fine with that. Thomas and I decided to hit up Trudy's again for Mexican Martinis and then go to Midnight Rodeo. So I was feeling pretty good after the martinis again and then both of the guys kept buying me whiskey drinks and Water Moccasin shots...I don't know if that how you spell moccasin. Well I got pretty I could barely stand anymore and we left the concert early before it got worse. But it was not my fault, I'm gonna blame this one on the guys. I only bought myself one drink, 2 beers for them, and a round of water moccasins, and the bartender I had was so nice...he served all of that to me at once and they aren't supposed to do that. So there is no way it was my fault because I barely bought any alcohol for myself :). I threw up outside Thomas's parents' apartment and then hung out at the toilet for an hour or so. Thomas got me up and got me into the bed. I woke up at like 6:00 Saturday morning and just threw up straight until it was 5:00 in the afternoon...needless to say that everything we wanted to get done...did not get done. I did not move from that room till 6:30 that evening when we went to HEB where we saw Allison and got chocolate sunday stuff...but I was moving pretty slow. I was so embarassed to even walk out of Thomas's room because his parents have heard me throwing up all day. No telling what they were thinking about when I walked out the room they were asking me if I felt alright and if I needed anything and were just so sweet. His dad asked if I wanted any alcohol and we laughed and I just shook my head no. Sunday morning was totally different...since we got our rest and laid around Saturday, we woke up at like 7:00 Sunday morning, ate breakfast at IHOP...went to Cabela's where Thomas bought a new stock for his gun...and then we went to Mattress Firm where I bought new mattresses that I am super excited to get. We then went and ate lunch at the apartment and watched most of the Dallas Cowboys game. Then we headed to Lakeline mall where I got my 2 thumbnails redone because they broke off Friday, and then went to Macy's where I bought some sunglasses and silverware that I really liked. That evening we ate a Pappadeux' was so good. And then went back to the apartment.

So then Monday morning I woke up and headed to Gonzales. I felt great all day till lunch. I was driving to get some food and I noticed my eyesight was real splotchy and mirror looking. I sat in the teacher's lounge for a while thinking it might go away and everytime I looked at someone I could only see bits and pieces of their face. I'm sure they were wondering why I was looking at them crazy. So I went and asked if the nurse was at school and she wasn't. But my eyesight wasn't getting better so I called mom and asked her what I should do and she told me to ask to see if there is an eye doctor around and see if it was something wrong with my eyes. They got me a sub for my classes and I went to a doctor and he said it was a Classic Migraine. My eyesight got better and then when I got home, the headache started. I took a nap and some Tylenol and felt a whole lot better. I am glad they found a sub for me because I could not imagine having to stay at school and teach. I would not have been able to write on the board because I wouldn't be able to see everything. It was crazy and it scared me but I figured that it was a migraine because I had one like that about 3 years ago.

So today I feel better and hopefully will get through this week. We have to come to school half a day tomorrow, which is stupid and useless because we are not going to do anything the whole day and the kids are gonna be loud and excited. I might blog more tomorrow. If not Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Austin Bound...

I am Austin bound this weekend! Right after school I am leaving for Austin to go stay with Thomas this weekend again! He came to Shiner almost every weekend for about 2 months now, so now it's my turn. I really, really like going there because there is always something to do and if we don't want to do anything then we don't have to but when we stay in Shiner and we want to do something we can't because there isn't much to do during the day but hang around, which isn't bad because we love hanging with my parents and stuff but I like going shopping and you can't really do that in Shiner, but in Austin, that's a whole different story. Or if we want to go to eat in Shiner, it's really either Friday's or Werner's, which are good places to eat but you get burnt out after a while, but in Austin there are so many places to choose from. This weekend we don't really have anything planned...just going to look at some more apartments for Thomas, hopefully find me some mattresses, and do a little shopping, but that's about it. I can't wait! I think tonight I am going to make him watch Love is a great Christmas, love story! It always gets me in the Christmas mood!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Great Weekend!!!

What a great weekend!

Friday I got to leave school early and I probably got to Thomas's around 4:30. We just relaxed the whole afternoon. We ordered pizza and just hung out and watched T.V. We had to drop off his brother in Round Rock and then we went to Sam's to look around and then back to the apartment to order the pizza and watch T.V. Saturday I woke up early and woke Thomas up also...he does that to me all the time so I paid him back. We made breakfast and headed to Lakeline Mall. I did not get anything but I really wanted to get my nails redone and a pedicure because the last time the other people didn't do that good. It was so nice and relaxing and it took about 2 hours so Thomas came and sat while they finished my nails. Before that, he went to Best Buy and some game stores. I told him he should have gotten a pedicure too because it was nice. I think next time I go he will...they did so good on my toes and nails...I really like that place. We went to Chili's and then we came home to take a nap and get ready for Trudy's and Midnight Rodeo. Erin and Amanda came over around 7:30 or so. We went to Trudy's and had a great time and great food! Then we had to go back to the apartment and Amanda stayed there because she was still hungover from Friday night and Thomas, Erin, and I headed to Midnight Rodeo where we had a BLAST! I got pretty drunk and the bartender cut me off but I wasn't that drunk...I think it was because Thomas was buying my drinks and she knew she wasn't getting 2 tips. We got home and probably to bed around 3:00...we made a late night stop to a Taco Cabana. We woke up and started moving Sunday at like 1:00. We were tired! Erin and Amanda left, Thomas and I went to Jason's Deli. Then we went to look at some apartments, I think Thomas is going to get one, then to IKEA, and then back to his place. His parents were home and we ordered hot wings from Hooter's...they were really good. Then back to sleep and I woke up at 4:30 this morning to head back to Gonzales and entered my grades. It was an amazing, relaxing weekend. I had so much fun! This coming weekend I will be heading back to Austin...not sure what we will be doing...maybe getting an apartment for Thomas...who knows! I can't wait till we can get an apartment together!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What a Friday...

What a Friday! I mean I have pretty much just sat at my desk all day and looked on the internet. 7th graders got to watch a movie during 3rd, 4th, and part of 5th period. We had pig out day for the teachers...we all bring food and eat all's nice. 8th graders will be gone for athletics so 8th period I have nothing to do so I am going to try to leave early. I am still tired and at first I was not feeling good because I had a little headache. I think it is just because I am tired or it could have also been because I had like 3 beers at Howard's last night...but I don't think it was that...that would be pathetic...i think it is lack of sleep. I get to drive to Austin today to see my man :) and hang out with him. Saturday during the day Thomas and I will go looking for apartments and Saturday night we are going to meet up with Erin and Amanda and eat at Trudy's and guzzle down some Mexican Martinis :)...and then head to Midnight Rodeo...we are sooooo excited about that...I haven't been there with my girls in a long time!!! Sunday we will probably relax and then Monday morning I will head to Gonzales again :( It should be a great weekend!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yesterday I drove to Austin and had supper with Thomas at the Cheesecake Factory. I love that get so much food and it is so good. Last night I could not sleep...I woke up probably like every 30 minutes to an hour and then it would take me a little while to go back to sleep. I already had to wake up early to drive back to Gonzales from Austin so I knew I would be tired, but this just made it worse. I just could not sleep...keep in mind that when I go up there Thomas and I squeeze into a TWIN size bed, so it is kind of hard to get comfy. So I am going home from school at lunch time and plus I need to get a lot of grading and stuff done. I am so tired but after I go home and get some rest I will be all right. I cannot wait for tomorrow...we have movie day at school so during some of school the students will be gone to watch a movie and then I will be driving to Austin to see Thomas. It has been a while since I have spent a weekend in will be nice. I think we are going to look for Thomas an apartment, maybe go to IKEA, and do some other shopping but I can't wait because it will be nice to relax. I will probably blog again tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

Happy Veteran's Days to all the Vets...and a big thank you for everything you have done for us.

So yesterday was boring ol' Monday and I made it threw but just barely. There is so much stuff going on at this school! So I didn't know if I was going to have to coach basketball and I really didn't want to because I really need the extra time for my math classes. It was up in the air all day yesterday of who is going to end up doing it and I was really stressing over it. The other coach did not want to do it either because she is helping out with high school track and it runs into basketball season but I didn't want to do it either because I had to deal with morning practice all last year, I had to coach 2 volleyball teams this year, and the morning time is the only time I get to ask and talk to the other 7th grade math teachers to see what they are doing for the day. Plus, it would throw things off if I would just get thrown into it when the other coach has been with the 7th graders for a week doing basketball with them. Well, after today I think I am clear from coaching basketball because she has not said anything to me or no one else has about doing it and they have morning practice tomorrow. SO I am really glad I may actually catch a break and this may just turn out to be an ok year after all. I really needed this break too.

Tomorrow is date night with Thomas...I can't wait! He came over last night because he had off today and he headed to Corpus at 4:30 this morning to move out of his condo. there. We will have seen each other for 18 straight days come next Monday. I wish we could just live together already but we will have to wait till May but it is going to be so exciting to move to Austin...I really like it there and it will be so much fun to be with Thomas all the time. Plus it will be during my summer vacation which means I will be doing lots of shopping all summer :) And maybe...just maybe planning a wedding :) Who knows...hopefully because nothing would make me happier! Thomas really is a great guy and I know he is the one for me...who else could put up with a stubborn, baby girl like me? :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

I am sore!!!

Man oh man am I sore from doing those jumps yesterday! My abs, butt, legs, and arms are sore but not too bad. I am so glad today is Friday. I get to see Thomas and it is a weekend. I have a lot to do this weekend. Tonight Thomas and I will stay in and watch a movie and relax. Tomorrow I am going to organize all my stuff that I moved home and put it in containers. Then we have our Grandpa's 85th birthday to attend in the afternoon. I can't believe he is 85 and still healthy and he never skips a beat. I hope I will be that way when I am that old. SO this weekend should be fun and hopefully relaxing. I got a ohone call last night from one of the coaches I work with and she told me that I will probably have to do 7th grade first I was just going to do off-season but now it looks like I will have to do this. I really don't want to because I don't really like basketball and I don't want to have practice after school or in the morning so this is going to suck! I always get pushed around here and I really hate it...I mean I wish I could just have a break because I am teaching Math for goodness sakes and it is on the TAKS test! Anyways...that all for now.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pep Rally

So we just had our last pep rally today. It was a really good one. Tuesday they asked me to be in it because they were doing a teacher cheerleading try-out...none of the older teachers wanted to do it for the 7th grade side so me and this other younger teacher decided to do it. When I told the cheerleaders I would do it, in my mind I was thinking that I could do the jumps like when I was in high school but then the more and more I thought about it, the more nervous I got because I definately do not have the body I had in high school so I got really, really nervous and the whole way to Austin my stomach was in knots. What was I thinking? I'm not in high school mind tricked me into thinking for a split second that I could do this!!! So I practiced last night in Thomas's room...he got a kick out of it and wished he could be there. The jumps weren't too bad but I was wondering how the other teachers were...if they were going to go all out or what. I stretched during athletics today and practiced the jumps too. So then it was time. The 8th grade teachers went and then it was my turn. I go and everyone cheers...phew! My jumps were pretty good...surprisingly. So now all the students keep telling me to do a jump and all the teachers are telling me that they were really good. I just wanted to do it because it is fun for the kids to see their teachers do something crazy for a change and I am sure a lot of them didn't expect that. It was fun and now in class all my students ask me to do a jump but I told them that they will have to pass their TAKS tests in April if they want me to do a jump again. My legs are a little sore by the way :) I still can't believe I did that!

It's Thursday!

So I had off yesterday and spent Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, and this morning in Austin with Thomas. Yesterday I woke up early with Thomas and went shopping around Austin. I got my nails done and a pediacure. It was nice. I really didn't buy too much. Just a few things here and there. It was nice not having to go to school and to be around Thomas alot. I really can't wait for us to move in together and hopefully get married...I'm pretty sure we will. This morning when I woke up...i just thought to myself why didn't I just sleep in yesterday when I had off...but it was too late and I hated leaving Thomas this morning. It is so hard everytime we leave each other. I love him so much. I can't wait for May to be here so I can move to Austin and hopefully have a higher paying, more enjoyable job. I will miss the staff at Gonzales Junior High, but not the drama or higher ups. Anyways, Thomas is such a great guy...he says the sweetest things and last night we were so tired but we stayed up till 10:30 just talking about stuff. I love those moments together. Tomorrow is Friday and I cannot wait! I am giving a test so I will be at my computer a lot and will probably add another post. Thomas and I don't really plan on doing much tomorrow night except laying in the house, watching a movie, and snuggling. We have been wanting to do that for a while but we haven't had time. Anyways, that's about it till tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm OFF tomorrow! Yay!

So...the Halloween party was fun but there was another couple there that made a very good McCain and Palin. It didn't ruin our good time though. I felt like I had a really long weekend when I woke up Monday...I actually forgot all about school and work, and I just relaxed which I really needed to do. You ever have one of those weekends where it was so good that you forgot you were even stuck at the crappy job? Well, that's what I did...I just pushed it in the back of my mind and forgot about all the craziness in Gonzales till Monday morning. I had such a great weekend. Friday was the Halloween party, Saturday we laid in bed for a long time and headed to San Marcos to watch the Texas State football game with Jenny, Nick, and his family. It was really fun even though the Bobcats lost. Jenny talked us into staying in San Marcos, so we got a hotel but then waited on Jenny and Nick till 10:30 and they finally showed up to the room. They were talking with Nick's family. By time they got there, I had been sleeping so I didn't feel like doing any drinking and I don't think Jenny and Nick did either. But we did still have fun that day. Sunday Thomas and I woke up pretty early and headed to Gruene. We ate at the Gristmill and then shopped around at the antique stores. It was so nice and a beautiful day. We talked about our first date to Gruene and all that good stuff. Then we headed back to Shiner and hung out at home. Monday morning Thomas left and now today I get to see him. So far we have seen each other everyday since Thursday. I wish I could see him everyday from now on but unfortunately we can't :( I took off tomorrow so I will be in Austin shopping around till Thomas gets off of work. I needed a day off! Thursday morning I will head back to Gonzales, but I can't wait till today at 3:35 so I can start making my way to Austin to see Thomas :)