Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Can I just say this...

Can I just say that I am truly enjoying living in San Marcos with Thomas. Yes, it has only been like 3 days but it has been a great 3 days. He has done a lot of cleaning and organizing since I haven't had time. He was off yesterday and he put all the dishes away and straightened up a lot of stuff. I really want to get things all organized but when I get home it is 6:00 and all I want to do is relax so it is going to take a while to get things cleaned up. I really want to have a little get together soon and maybe then Thomas and my parents will get to FINALLY meet each other. Kenzi is liking the new place too. The first night she slept with us and she slept great but she was always in my way because she practically sleeps right on top of me and so in return I did not get much sleep...so last night we blocked her off with a baby gate into the living room and she slept on her pillow. She made a few cries for a little while but then stopped and went to sleep. I slept like a rock. I really like being able to use all my stuff and just having a place of our own. These past few days we having been going non-stop and so we have been sooo tired but tonight I think we are just going to relax and just hang out. I think Sunday I will really try to get a lot done. Thomas's friend is supposed to be coming in on Friday and I'm sure our place will be a wreck but oh well...it's just a guy and they don't look at that anyways. I wish Saturday I didn't have a powerlifting meet because then I could get a lot done but that's not going to happen. Anyways...I just wanted to say that I really like living there...it might not be the best neighborhood but it'll work for now. I just really like knowing that I fall asleep right next to Thomas and get to kiss him goodnight every night and that when I wake up he is right there to kiss good morning. I love him so much!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

One last night away...

So tonight will be the last night that Thomas and I will have to sleep alone...unless small things come up like work trips or if he goes hunting or I have to do something...but otherwise this is the last night. I hate when we are apart because I don't get to talk to him laying in bed, kiss him goodnight, wake him up in the middle of the night because he is snoring :), feel his warmth next to me, lay in his arms, or kiss him in the morning.

So much has changed in the last week. Thomas and I signed our lease for our apartment Monday...our first huge step with our relationship. Thomas bought a truck yesterday! He bought a 2002 Ford 150 King Ranch Edition in the rust color. I love it and he does too. He needed a new vehicle so bad. He said that when he was driving away, the salesman was going to drive his 4runner to the back but it wouldn't start but he just kept driving...lol.

Yesterday I had a math workshop in Austin and it was sooo boring!!! The other teachers and I don't want go back but we need the hours. It was nice to be out of school though and it was nice to see Thomas for 2 days.

Tomorrow I took off half a day so I can go up to San Marcos to move some things up there. Then Thomas and I will drive back to Shiner for the night and then Saturday really start some moving of bigger and more stuff. Saturday we will come back and stay in Shiner again. We will probably leave early Sunday so we can get things situated and then relax! I can't wait...I am so excited!

Friday, January 16, 2009

3 sports!?! Hell NO!!!

That's what I said Tuesday after I got confronted with another sport I have to coach. I am now the new high school girls' powerlifting coach, assistant softball, and junior high track is what I was confronted with Tuesday. I was shocked and pissed. Are you kidding me...springing all this up on me at once. I told the Junior High Coordinator that I will not do 3 sports...and he totally understood. He is a great guy to work for. I e-mailed the athletic director to tell him I will not do 3 sports and if I could choose I would pick junior high track and powerlifting because those are short season sports AND I know nothing about softball, so he told me those are the sports I will be doing but for a couple days I about had it with this school district. Things happen everyday that are just unfair here. I just don't understand how people can screw other people around like they do here. IT'S NUTS!!! It has never been a dull moment since I have been working here and everyday I wish I was somewhere else...nevermind the fact that they didn't release me from my contract last summer when I could have had this awesome job in Rockport...it kinda puts you in a bad mood for the rest of the school year. Anyways...so I am making it but definately counting down the days till I am out of here. One of our really good coaches quit today at the high school...she has been screwed over one too many times...I wish I could just walk out because I would have done it a long time ago. A lot of good teachers and coaches have left...I can't wait till I can.

This weekend I plan on doing some organizing of my stuff at home that I said I was going to do a long time ago but never did. I have to though because next week Thomas and I are MOVING to San Marcos...I am so excited! Saturday I have a powerlifting meet, I will come home and organize along with Sunday and I get to see Thomas Saturday...not tonight because he is in Bonham and I will be gone all day tomorrow so it would have been useless for him to come down then anyways. Monday we have to go to San Marcos and sign our final apartment lease and then shop around probably. We have off on Monday for MLK day...yay! I cannot wait to live with Thomas...it's going to be so nice to sleep next to him and see him right when I wake up.

SO Monday I started a diet...just kinda something I am making up and it is working...6 pounds gone! Figured I have 3 weddings and maybe my own coming up so I better start now so I can look hot in my wedding dress one day...haha.

Oh last weekend...man I haven't posted in forever...Thomas and I went to Wharton to visit Nick and Jenny and hang out. We had a blast! Saturday night Thomas got so drunk and he was hilarious...I never laughed sooo hard in my life...I had tears just rolling down my face and I still laugh about it. We played Apples to Apples and Thomas drew a card that said "selfish"...then it describes it by other words like "greedy", I can't remember the other one, and then the one that we cracked up laughing at was stingy. Thomas said it like sting-y...not like somebody is stingy with there money but like a bee is stingy. We all laughed and then he blamed it on being dyslexic...like all kids do...that whole night he was hilarious though. The crap that came out of his mouth was sooo funny. Then when we all went to bed, I felt him get out of bed and then he came back to the room and said he meant to go to one picnic but he went to another...I was confused and finally he said he meant to go to this bathroom but went to the other one and how he felt like an asshole. He actually accidentally walked into Jenny and Nick's room. He was sleep walking and talking in his sleep. It was sooo funny. Sunday Jenny and I woke up early and went to the Bridal Extravaganza with Jamie, Mom, and Dawn. We all had a great time. It was fun and there were so many pretty things!

I always wanted to find the guy for me that would always make me laugh and I am positive I have found him. I love Thomas sooo much!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Never a dull moment...

So yesterday I came to school at around 7:10 a.m. and did the usual...walked into my class and I was going to start entering grades for this 9 weeks. I put my purse and keys on my desk and all of a sudden my school laptop that I would have used to enter the grades vanished. I saw my sticky note of my to-dos that I left by it Wednesday afternoon but the computer was gone. I looked all over my room and still could not find it. So then I went to tell other teachers and they told me the call our technology head person...I called and no answer. So then the other teachers and I were trying to figure out what could have happened...maybe a technician took it for some reason but why wouldn't they have left a note? So then 2 other teachers came in and their computers were missing too and one had her papers and her projector all over her room. So then we knew for sure we were robbed. We told the principal and assistant principal and I went back to my room. I then noticed my CD player was gone too. Basturds! So I had to have my first 2 classes in a different room because then the police came and fingerprinted my room. They were fingerprinting the wrong area and so I told them where my computer was. Turns out the robbers were wearing gloves and so I havent heard anything more about it. I do have an awesome new computer now and the other teachers are jealous. So I guess something good came out of it. It didn't really bother me because I didn't really have anything too important on that computer and my CD player was a cheap one but still. The wird thing was that my windows were locked and even my door was locked, so they had time and were careful in my room so they must have hit my room first and then ran out of time in the other 2 classrooms and had to leave quickly because their doors were open. It's really weird to think about it...I would hate to have personal things stolen because that would creep me out...so I am glad it was just those 2 things and my personal thing that was stolen was cheap. Just never a dull moment in Gonzales.

On a sad note...Jenny and Nick's baby did not make it. I know everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for everything, so we all just have to look at it that way. There is supposed to be something positive come out of all this eventhough its hard to see what it is now, we just have to believe. I know one day they will make AWESOME parents and I will make an AWESOME auntie. I love ya'll Jenny and Nick and be strong! I am here whenever ya'll need me! God Bless!

Monday, January 5, 2009

School Bells :(

My dad would always wake us up to those 2 words every time we had to go back to school after a vacation and today is one of those days. Let me catch up from the holidays...

My birthday was that last day of school and we got out at noon. I went and met Thomas and Erin at Howard's for a couple of beers and then we went home to get ready for a party at the poolhouse. We had cheese sandwiches and beans and it was all soooo good. My parents and Thomas tried to surprise me with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen but I heard them talk about it the night before but it was awesome and it was so sweet.

My Christmas and New Years was great. Much better when you are dating someone because it is so nice to spend this loving time with them. Christmas was a lot of driving but it was ok because Thomas and I rode together everywhere. Christmas eve morning we opened gifts at home, shopped Shiner, then to the Chumchal's Christmas eve night. Then Thomas and I drove to Hutto that night and then woke up to go to Round Rock for their Christmas and then drove to Moulton to go to my grandma's brother's house for Christmas lunch. Thomas gave me antique pink cake plates I wanted from an antique store. I love them and was very surprised.

New Years' was great. Sat around at the poolhouse and drank and ate fried fish and shrimp. Yumm! Kissed Thomas at midnight and got pretty drunk playing drinking games and such. We had a great time.

Now I am back at school...19 more weeks! I miss Thomas so much. We have been around each other everyday for a long period of time and it sucked leaving him yesterday. I think we are going to move in together by the end of this month in San Marcos because we don't like being away from each other and it is only a 15 minute more drive for me. I love my parents and all but I just want to move out and use all the stuff that I have gotten these past few Christmases and bought over the past 2 years. I know Thomas and I will take the next big step in our lives soon anyways so it won't hurt to have a few months of testing the waters. :)