Thursday, December 18, 2008

My last thoughts as a 23 year old...

So tomorrow I turn the big dos-quatro and I want to take the time to look back at this past year. I would like to think that this has been the best year ever for me. I'm trying to think back to any events that have occured from when I turned 23 to last day as a 23 year old. I turned 23 on a Wednesday so mom, dad, Jaace, and I just went to Werner's and ate...didn't even feel like it was my birthday...I think that weekend we partied and I am sure I had a good time but I don't remember it. Christmas 2007 was alright but I was missing something and had a void that could not be sucked being single at this time of the year. Erin and I pretty much partied those 2 weeks of Christmas vacation and we had a blast...the only day we didn't was when we went to see P.S. I Love You and we balled our eyes out and were forever in love with Irish men. New Years was alright too...but again it sucked to be single...the family and friends partied at the poolhouse and I met up with Erin at Scooters later that night. We had fun but it would have been a whole lot better kissing someone at midnight rather than watching other people...Yuck! But we still had fun. Then it was Jenny and Nick's was awesome. From that moment on, my year as a 23 year old got a 100 times better. I have really grown up and matured this past year and I do think it was because of Thomas. I had a blast when I was single but having Thomas in my life is a whole lot more fun and better. I look back from before I have met Thomas to now and this is the happiest I have ever been in my life. He has taken me places I have never been, he always surprises me with little gifts or just sweet little comments, if I'm upset he knows how to make me laugh and calm me down, I love when we are going somewhere he shares little bits of information and tries to teach me new things, he has such big aspirations and always wants better, and I love when we are laying in bed and he is either there or even on the phone and we talk about our future together. My year as a 23 year has been pretty exciting and fun, and I cannot wait for when I am 24 tomorrow. It is crazy to think that a year has gone by already. It has gone by so fast and I cannot wait to see what all happens this coming year.

My thoughts on my 23rd year:

-I have more aches and pains when I get up than before

-I go to bed at like 8:30 every night...on weekends I got to bed fairly early too

-I don't party as much as I used to

-The places I used to hang out don't seem as much fun because I feel old there

-I don't let things really bother me that are petty

-I speak up for myself more now than I ever have

-I care about my finances more

-I talk about work in my conversations with people...YUCK!

-When I get dressed, I think about comfort before cuteness

-No more partying on weekdays, just weekends if I'm not too tired

-Hangovers take longer to get rid of

-I don't drink as much as I used to

*these are my thoughts and how I have changed over the year

One last thing:
Thomas and I will be dating for 8 months on Saturday! I cannot believe it already. It has gone by so fast!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Catch up from the weekend...

So this past weekend was fun. I always have fun when I am around Thomas because there is never a dull moment and he always has a way to make me laugh and have fun. Friday after school I drove to Austin and I really wanted to get my nails done and a pedicure. So I called Thomas when I got to Austin and told him that if he wanted to meet me at the spa I go to, to get this done then he can leave his house whenever. It took about 1 1/2 hours till the lady was done but she does such an excellent job and I have little snowmen on my toes now. :) Then we stopped at Lakeline Mall because it was right there and Jenny said Dillard's was having a sale on some bracelets I wanted and 30% off purses. If you know weakness is purses. So we only had 30 minutes to shop, so I looked at the purses but they really didn't have anything I fell in love then off to the jewelry. There are these cute, super blingy bracelets that I fell in love with on Black Friday but they were a bit steep in price so I just let them go but now they were 30% off, which isn't much but yet enough for me to think about buying them. I took Thomas and showed him and he did not I stood there trying them on and debating which one or ones I wanted. I definately wanted the pink one...because I love pink...but I wanted something more practical too so I decided the pink one and silver one. But should I really buy 2 of them...Thomas told me to just go for it and I knew I wasn't going to be satisfied till I had both of them either. Thomas is no help trying to talk me out of it. I even really like this other one that if it is on sale still I may go get. So I got them and I am so glad I did. Not sure how much I will wear them...but I love them! Then we went to Hutto to Thomas's parents' house. We relaxed and went to sleep because we had to wake up early and head to Bonham in the morning for his mom's family reunion. So Saturday morning came and we left Hutto at 7:30 in the morning. We got to Dallas and Thomas decided to give me a little history lesson and showed me where President Kennedy got shot, the window he was shot from, and the grassy knoll. Then came my version of The National Lampoon's European know where they get stuck in that circle, and Chevy Chase goes "Look kids, there's Big Ben" and they keep going around and around and he keeps saying that...well what happened was Thomas accidentally took the wrong street to get back on where we need go and we went around the same place where Kennedy was shot not once but I think it was 3 could have been twice...but I think it was 3 times...and everytime I said "Look Thomas, that's where Kennedy got shot"...I know this is no joking matter because it was a very sorrowful thing that happened but at this time it was a funny moment because it wasn't really about that, it was about how we couldn't get out of that area. I really did find it interesting and kinda spooky. I love when Thomas decides to give me little history lessons and plumbing knowledge...he is so full of information and since I hated history he makes it interesting. Anyways, so then we finally started back up our way to Bonham. We get to Bonham at 11:30 and meet up at his grandma's house. Thomas's brother, sister-in-law, niece, and dad were there already and we all were just talking and then his dad left to go get his grandpa. His mom was at the reunion already getting it all straightened up since it was her family reunion. His dad came back with his grandpa and we all sat in the living room and talked. His grandparents are so sweet and his grandpa asked where I was from and was surprised when I said Shiner and he started laughing. We then left to go to the reunion and I met a lot of people. It was nice to meet a lot of Thomas's family and they were all very sweet people. It was funny because everyone there asked where I was from and what I did and when I said Shiner and I am a 7th grade teacher I got the same reaction from everyone..."Shiner?...Where they make the beer? Oh a 7th grade are a good soul." It was so funny and they all said they heard so many good things about me and that it was nice to finally meet me. The reunion only lasted 2 hours so it went pretty fast and after that we just hung out at the house. That night we ate Rolando's...a Mexican Retaurant in was his mom, dad, grandma, and us...the restaurant was really good. The funniest thing happened and it was soooo sweet...before we went to eat Thomas's grandma told his mom to give some clothes of hers to me she thought I would like. She thought it was young looking and thought I would like it. Well, the clothes was a little bit for an older woman, so I told his mom to tell her that it was too big...that's really what his mom said she would tell her because I didn't want to be mean and I would have kept it but Thomas's mom said that if we don't tell her something, she will give me her whole closet. So his mom told her it didn't fit and gave it back and his grandma didn't mind. Then Sunday morning came and Thomas went duck huntng at 4:00 a.m. and I slept in late till he got back. We got our stuff together and helped his parents load some furniture up. We then all left back for Hutto. That was about it, Monday morning I left for school and so nothing has really happened these past few just keeps getting closer and closer to my dos-quatro...yikes...but yay for school to be out!

Thomas already gave me my Birthday was a Tiffany & Co. necklace that has a pearl that I have been wanting. I love it!!! It is so pretty!!! He is such a sweetheart! I love him! I can't wait to give him his Christmas presents...I hope he likes them. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

10 more days till I'm 24 :(

So I just realized I have 10 more days till I am 24...scary...although I still think that is still pretty young but it is getting older. I think my dream made me feel like I am still young. Last night my dream was that Thomas's parents and my family finally met and we were all at the McDonald household. Thomas's mom and I were talking and she said that she doesn't think that Thomas and I should get engaged or married yet because I am still so huh. So then after seeing how much Thomas and I loved each other she decided it was okay and gave us her blessing. When mom met his mom, mom started talking like a Valley Girl...saying "like" every other word and real ditzy...I just remember looking at Jenny and Jamie like what is she doing and why is she doing that. When I asked her, she said she wanted to sound So weird...that's all I remember. I don't see mom doing that at all...if she did I think I would just bust out laughing.

This past weekend I had so much fun. Friday night Thomas and I didn't get to Wharton till like 8:45 or so and so we just watched Step Brothers with Jenny and Nick but we all passed out except for Nick. He stayed up and watched it all. Saturday morning we left and stopped by a few shops in Wharton where I got some ADORABLE baby swimsuits like Jenny got and we went to a few antique shops where Thomas jewed down a lady for a Schlitz Beer glass pitcher. It was $22.50 and he got it for $16.50. Then we headed to Houston, with a few stops at a Target and First Colony Mall. We got a hotel room close by his friends' house where the Christmas Party was. We got there around 6:00 and began to party. We had a great time. Thomas definately did...he got really, really drunk. We went Sunday morning and had breakfast at his friends' house and then headed back to Shiner and rested. We really had a great time and his friends are so much fun and are hilarious! That was about it. Tomorrow Thomas is coming to Shiner and then this weekend is his mom's side family reunion. I am excited to meet a lot of his family members :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Plans for the Weekend...

So today after school Thomas and I will be traveling to Wharton to see Nick and Jenny and hang out. We don't really have anything planned when we get there so it will all be played by ear. I told Jenny we could go eat somewhere and then maybe watch Step Brothers...but who knows. Then Saturday morning Thomas and I will leave to go to Houston to his friend's house for a Christmas party. We don't really have anything planned during the day Saturday but I'm sure I will get some shopping in. Otherwise that is pretty much it. I need to find some time to enter grades by monday at hopefully Sunday when we get back to Shiner I can do a little bit of that.

Kenzi got spayed yesterday and she has been moping around and it is so sad to see her like that. It kills me...but it will be better for her in the long run and she should be feeling better in the next couple of days.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm going to be an Auntie!!!

So Thursday I found out I am going to be an auntie to Jenny and Nick's baby!!! Yes they are pregnant and it's so exciting! Since we found out so soon, this is going to be the longest pregnancy ever!!! 2009 has such exciting's gonna be soooo much friend April gets married in March, my cousin Heather gets married in May, Jenny has the baby in August, and Jamie gets married in October. I am so exciting for 2009! I am already thinking about what I am going to do for each niece and/or nephew that Jamie, Jenny, and Jaace(hopefully this will take a long time) have. I already have some ideas up my sleeve. I am going to spoil'em rotten :) Besides that exciting news...let's talk about what I did over Thanksgiving...

Tuesday Thomas came down and we just hung out, Wednesday I had to work half a day and then Thomas and I picked up my wonderful mattresses from Austin. Wednesday we had a pre-Thanksgiving with the Spann's and Pavelka's...I went to bed early...I was so tired for some reason. Thursday I woke up, we went to the Chumchal's for Thanksgiving, then Thomas and I loaded up and headed to Austin for his parents' Thanksgiving, which was fun. Hung out there and watched football. Friday morning I woke up at 4:30 and went shopping and later on met with Jenny, Jamie, and Mom and went shopping to some malls and other places. We then went to some wedding dress stores and Jamie tried on some dresses. She found a really pretty one that looks so good on her. We will see if she gets it...she wanted to look at a few more places. We all had a great time together. We met up with Thomas and he bought us lunch at Trudy's. Friday night we didn't do much. Saturday we woke up and went to a few stores, went to the Domain, and then watched more football. Last night Thomas's brother took us all out to eat at Joe Dimagio's for Thomas and his dad's belated birthday supper. It was a very nice place and very good food. It was a lot of fun. Then today I woke up and headed back to Gonzales for 3 more weeks of school till Christmas break. I can't wait because this one went WAY too fast!!!