Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break is over...49 more days of school

I haven't posted in a long time...I didn't get on the computer much during Spring Break. I didn't do anything too exciting during Spring Break...except Spring Break weekend when I went to Tyler and was in April's wedding and the first Monday of Spring Break when Erin came to visit and we went to the Square in San Marcos...but it was kind of disappointing...I think we had more fun at the restaurant but we still had a good time catching up and drinking. We had Mai Tais at The Green Parrot, which is always nice especially since we haven't had one in FOREVER. Then Tuesday we slept in and then did a little shopping. It was fun. Wednesday I didn't really do much. Thursday I left for Tyler and I was so lonely in bed at the hotel without Thomas...I tossed and turned all night. He said he had trouble too and didn't even sleep in our bed. Friday I just went around Tyler and went shopping of course :) April came to the hotel and we got ready for rehearsal...Thomas wasn't going to get there till later. We got there and I didn't think Thomas was going to make it and when we practiced walking down the aisle I saw him and was so happy and surprised he made it. The place April had her wedding was GORGEOUS and it was outside and I absolutely loved it. Wish I could have an outside wedding but that would be a whole lot of chairs...Then we went to eat at Fat Catz, a Louisiana Kitchen, and it was awesome. Great FOOD!!! We then went to a bar and it was fun, it was kind of like Midnight Rodeo. Then we all left and went to the places we were staying at and went to bed. Saturday I woke up early to take a shower and start getting things together for the wedding. April came to pick me up and we were off to get pedicures and it was the best pedicure ever. It was nice, we then had lunch and ran a lot of little errands. Once we were done, time started flying by and we had to do things quickly. So we got to the location of the wedding and started getting ready. We were running behind and the wedding started about 15 minutes late but it didn't matter. Everything came together so beautifully...it was all so nice. Then the partying started and it was fun. Finally the bouquet throwing came and so far every wedding I have been to I have caught it but at this one I was a little nervous because some other girls wanted it too but I did my same technique...and I caught it. I am batting at 100%. The the garter throwing came and to my surprise Thomas said he would go out there. Well none of the guys really tried for it...they all went out there and then backed away from it and let it fall so Thomas went and picked it up...it was great. He said he figured he was in trouble anyways since I caught the bouquet so he said he figured he'd get it. All in all it was an amazing, fun night and I am so happy for April and Joey. Then Sunday we woke up early and headed back to San Marcos.

So yesterday we had a track meet in Columbus and we didn't get back to Gonzales till 1:00...I got home and in bed at 2:15. I got stopped by a cop in Luling at 1:45 on the way home and I knew I wasn't speeding...so I pulled over and he told me my front head light was out and sure enough it was and he let me go and told me to go get it fixed asap. Well I knew that I would not be able to wake up this morning so at 6:00 a.m. I called and told them I won't be able to make it and to get a sub. So I am at home resting because I was soooo tired, I don't think I would have been able to make the drive this morning because it was hard enough to keep my eyes open when I was talking on the phone. I am really glad I took off though because I would have been miserable and I had a pounding headache.

Anyways...that's about it and we only have 49 more days of school...yay!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

3 day WEEKEND!!! Shiner Stock Show!!!

I finally had a day off and had a 3 day weekend. It was great and much needed. Thursday we had a track meet and I didn't get home till 11:30. Then Friday I had to wake up early to take Kenzi to the groomer and relaxed and shopped the rest of the day. Thomas came home and I was finishong up getting ready for the stock show. When I was finally done, we left for Shiner and went to the stock show. It was a lot of fun...never a disappointment...although some jerk wanted to fight Thomas...but he is a piece of trash and useless anyways. Thomas was innocent in the whole thing too...just minding his own business and then the jerk wanted to fight him. Dad explained that he was with me and then RP stepped in and tried to explain. It didn't work because that guy is clueless and dumb and he thought Thomas was Nick. How outrageous is that...who wants to fight Nick? It's because Nick and Jenny didn't invite the asshole to the wedding but get over it...maybe if he wasn't such an asshole and gross person he would get invited to things. I really don't like the man because he tried talking shit to my dad on our property and I said a few choice words to him. So he definately won't be invited to Thomas and my wedding either...not only because I don't like him but also because Thomas doesn't either. Anyways...it was good to catch up with friends I haven't seen in a while and my family because I haven't been down in a while. Saturday I slept pretty much all day and then we went to Maeker's and had a few drinks and hung out there with family and friends, but we went home pretty early because I was worn out. Sunday we relaxed and then left for San Marcos. It was a nice weekend.

Thomas and I keep trying to figure out when our parents will meet but it hasn't worked out yet...it'll probably be when we get engaged...lol...who knows...we were going to try for this coming weekend but that's a no go. Thomas keeps talking about our wedding and getting engaged a lot and it is so exciting...I can't wait for it...he says that we will be engaged before we go to the Frio and we are thinking about an April wedding but who knows...it's far away yet and we will see what happens and only Thomas knows when...and I guess my dad will too whenever it gets close.