Friday, May 22, 2009

8 more days and counting...

8 more days of school...YAY!!! We only have I think 68 7th graders compared to our usual 180+. The last 10 days of school are TAKS tutoring days for the students that did not pass TAKS or missed more than 16 days of school. It seemed nice because since they stuck me with mostly all the smart kids I only had 7 students returning...which is super nice...1 first period, 5 second, 2 fourth, 2 sixth, and 1 seventh...but it turns into such a LONG day and its so quiet and awkward when I only have one kid in a class and I have to teach. It is so weird to be at this point in the year...I remember the first day of school...187 days left...I remember saying that exact thing and now 8 didn't hit me till yesterday that I won't see most of my kids anymore...My babies which are 8th graders I will never see again...I call them my babies because they were my first set of students in my teaching career...they will always be my favorite group. It is sad when I think about it but yet hopefully I will get a new teaching job where I want to be and it will begin another great chapter in my life. But 8 more days...where has the year many ups and downs and stresses and DRAMA...can't forget that one...because there has been plenty of that. The year seemed to go by so slow and now it's almost gone...CRAZY...but no complaints.

On another note...this weekend is Memorial Day weekend but I don't have Memorial Day off...which totally sucks...but Saturday we are going tubing...I can't wait because I need a tan sooo bad! It's going to be so nice to get to relax and not travel this weekend. Next weekend we are not doing much either...we are going to try once again to get Thomas's and my parents to meet. Hopefully it works out this time...we shall see.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What I'm thinking is...

What I'm thinking is, is that I think even if I don't have a job lined up for next year I will quit this place anyways. I's not for sure yet. The reason being is Thomas and I are about to move to Austin or even a little north of Austin...gas is going up and I would have to commute to Gonzales every morning from there...which is a lot of money on gas and hard to imagine waking up earlier than I already do and driving further than I already do. I have already cried and have super stressed about coming back here too. I called Thomas the other day crying and stressing over being here next year and he said that if I am already this unhappy about it then I don't need to come back. Now I am still applying for jobs in the Austin area and definately hope this summer I get a phone call or e-mail for a job offer but this is my idea if I don't. If I don't get a job then I will resign by July 10...that's the last day to resign if you start school August 24th...I should know...they screwed me last year because I was 1 DAY I made sure and counted and marked it on every calendar I have...then I will try to sub everywhere and anywhere in the Austin area or maybe nanny, or something. I love teaching and I know that's what I want to do but I know that it's not here. This is definately not a for sure thing. I feel like the Texas education system is going down hill...and fast. I don't trust it but I know that teaching is what I want to do. Some may say that I shouldn't quit without having a job lined up first especially with these tough economic times but staying here is holding me back and it doesn't make sense to stay here another year while I could be subbing and getting to know people in the schools I want to teach at. It doesn't make sense to travel all the way here while living in Austin. There are definate pros and cons and thats why it is not a for sure decision.

On a lighter note...Thomas left for Bonham Tuesday morning and won't be back till Friday evening. I miss him soooo much. I am staying in Shiner till Sunday...I came in yesterday. I don't like staying at our apartment by myself...and I always have these crazy nightmares when I do stay there so I figured I get better sleep in Shiner. This weekend is Sweet Home picnic and Erin's Birthday!!! The big 2-4 :) I hope I get to see her this weekend!!! Last year and the year before we have made pies for the Sweet Home cookoff...this year we will continue and hopefully we will get first place. We always have a good time there...hope its good this year too.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Finally Friday...18 more days of school!!!

Woo hoo for Friday!!! It's finally here. This week went by really slow for me and I even took Tuesday off. The kids are shut down and do not want to learn or do anything at all!!! Which makes us teachers not want to do anything either. Just 18 more days of this. 8 more days with all my studenst though because we have 10 waiver days at the end for the students that did not pass TAKS...they have to stay and get tutored. So the last 10 days will be horrible because we will have all the bad students who do not care.

Today when I get home, Thomas and I are going to finally just relax. Tomorrow we will probably sleep in and go look at a rent home in Hutto because our lease here will be up at the end of June. I can't believe how fast time has gone by in a way. I hope I find a new job soon because everyone is talking about next year already and I just get a sick feeling if I am here again next year. I love some of the kids and I love the people I work with but I don't want to put up with all the DRAMA and have to teach Math and coach. It really is hard and I just don't want to have to deal with the stresses of teaching math and on top of it, the stresses of coaching and dealing with parents! It's just getting out of control. Saturday we are going to just hang out and then probably head to Shiner at some point. Sunday we will celebrate Mother's Day and then head back to San Marcos.

That's about it for now. I wish I had an exciting life to blog about but right now it's all school :(