Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sleepless Night...

So for some reason I cannot sleep so what better thing to do than blog...especially since I haven't in a while. So wedding planning is still kind of at a stand still...I need to get on the ball with things. I have the hall and church and that's about it. Hopefully this week I can get some phone calls done. Friday I start school/sport my summer is pretty much done. But I don't want to talk about it because it stresses me out and is depressing so I guess I could talk about this weekend. Thomas and I just pretty much relaxed this weekend...Friday we didn't do anything...Saturday we cleaned in the morning and then at around 4:00 we left to go to the Shiner Saloon in Austin to listen to the Shiner was fun. They were done at 6:00 so we left and went to eat at Trudy's and then we went home and slept. Very boring people...I know. Sunday we just relaxed and went grocery shopping in the evening...and now I am just trying to sleep. I tried just laying in bed and sleeping but all I could do is just look at Thomas...creepy I know...and just think about how happy I am and how in love I am with him. I say it over and over again on here but I can't help it. I was just thinking about when we first met and how far we have come from then...if you haven't seen my first posts...we met in December of 2005 at a Texas State football game and I had a boyfriend at the time but Thomas had some "liquid courage" and came up to me and asked if I liked fat kids. I didn't even know how to answer makes me laugh to this day. Then when we first started dating after Jenny's wedding he just kept saying how I couldn't saddle that wild mustang...he was talking about himself and that I shouldn't be thinking about anything serious and I kept telling him that I wasn't looking for anything serious and within a couple of dates everything changed and we were inseparable and talked every day. It's just so funny to think about everything from the beginning to where we are in life now.

On a sad note, my 5th grade teacher/best friends aunt Mrs. Siegel died Saturday morning. I will be going to the memorial and funeral Monday and Tuesday. Her family is in my prayers through these hard times. R.I.P. Mrs. will be missed.

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