Friday, May 22, 2009

8 more days and counting...

8 more days of school...YAY!!! We only have I think 68 7th graders compared to our usual 180+. The last 10 days of school are TAKS tutoring days for the students that did not pass TAKS or missed more than 16 days of school. It seemed nice because since they stuck me with mostly all the smart kids I only had 7 students returning...which is super nice...1 first period, 5 second, 2 fourth, 2 sixth, and 1 seventh...but it turns into such a LONG day and its so quiet and awkward when I only have one kid in a class and I have to teach. It is so weird to be at this point in the year...I remember the first day of school...187 days left...I remember saying that exact thing and now 8 didn't hit me till yesterday that I won't see most of my kids anymore...My babies which are 8th graders I will never see again...I call them my babies because they were my first set of students in my teaching career...they will always be my favorite group. It is sad when I think about it but yet hopefully I will get a new teaching job where I want to be and it will begin another great chapter in my life. But 8 more days...where has the year many ups and downs and stresses and DRAMA...can't forget that one...because there has been plenty of that. The year seemed to go by so slow and now it's almost gone...CRAZY...but no complaints.

On another note...this weekend is Memorial Day weekend but I don't have Memorial Day off...which totally sucks...but Saturday we are going tubing...I can't wait because I need a tan sooo bad! It's going to be so nice to get to relax and not travel this weekend. Next weekend we are not doing much either...we are going to try once again to get Thomas's and my parents to meet. Hopefully it works out this time...we shall see.

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